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Local Artists

TYTO Regional Art Gallery features a range of artists within the Gallery Shop, as well as through the exhibition schedule.

We are proud of artists that feature within the Gallery Shop for the large contributions they make throughout the year. Below are current artists featured within the Gallery Shop. You can find out more on our exhibiting artists within the exhibition. 

Linda Bates (2).JPG

Linda Bates

Clay Sculpture and Glass Beads

My first love is clay sculpture. I make whimsical caricatures of the myriad of birds and animals living in our beautiful natural environment. Some pieces are quite realistic, whilst others are completely fanciful.  None of them are terribly serious, and they exist to make people smile.


Working with glass is a close second. When glass is melted and wound to create beads the minerals in the glass combine and react to make beautiful organic patterns. I use the beads to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings. No two beads are ever exactly the same.

Alison Velvin

Glass Jewellery

I have enjoyed a life-long passion for glass. This began when I fell in love as a child with a necklace that my Grandmother purchased on her honeymoon in Murano, Italy. It is a huge understatement to say that glass is in my DNA.

I have had a long involvement with the sea and an interest in the flora and fauna of the North Queensland Rainforest it was a natural choice to call my business “Barrier Reef Glass Beads”.

Alison Velvin.jpg
Mayor Jayo presenting to Daryl Dickson.jpg

Daryl Dickson

Wildcard Art

My two great passions in life are wildlife and art. I am fortunate to have close contact with some of North Queensland’s rarest and most endangered species, through my work in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. 


Our home at Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary in the Kennedy Valley, tropical  Far North Queensland is shared with an amazing diversity of unique flora and fauna providing endless inspiration, interest and colour.  My work, income and inspiration are derived from these magnificent north Queensland landscapes, habitats and creatures. 

Sally Moroney

Fridge Magnets and Jewellery

I am an artist– jeweller, who works from a rainforest studio near the sea in Mission Beach. As an active conservationist, my work reflects my love of the environment, and incorporates natural and recycled materials in my art pieces.

I work with nature - I depict nature in my work, I use natural materials. And I allow nature to become an active participant in my work.

Sally Moroney Baskets.png
Ashleigh Jane.JPG

Ashleigh Jane

Ashleigh Jane is an Australian artist based in Townsville, Queensland. Ashleigh creates her art with digital mediums, ink, watercolour and acrylics, and loves exploring a combination of digital and traditional media.

Richard Lane

I moved to Townsville in 1980 and was immediately captured by the wonderful colour and light in the Queensland tropical north. I have spent the time since then in attempting to capture this colour and light in oils, acrylics and pastels.


I have had a total of 18 solo exhibitions all over Australia, my most recent major exhibition was at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville, in 2015.

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